Diagnostic Solutions

Keya Medical is developing a suite of diagnostic solutions that will be designed to enable clinicians to review, process, and label large volumes of images while providing them with accurate, quantitative information that could facilitate decision-making. The diagnostic solutions in our R&D pipeline will be designed for use in cardiology, radiology, and pathology.

Core Products

DeepVessel FFR

DeepVessel Certification 2020


DeepVessel FFR* uses deep learning technology to perform a non-invasive physiological functional assessment of the coronary arteries using coronary CT angiogram scans. The software reduces unnecessary invasive testing to lower costs and complications.

*CE-marked, NMPA approved. Not for sale in the United States

CuraRad® – ICH

DeepVessel Certification 2020


CuraRad-ICH is a software workflow prioritization tool designed to reduce radiologist turnaround time for suspected ICH cases in non-contrast head CT scans.

*510(k) cleared by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration

Diagnostic Product Candidates*

Coronary Angiogram Analysis


DeepVessel AngioFFR will be a software-hardware integrated medical device that will use AI to perform a physiological functional assessment of the coronary arteries and compute FFR values from invasive coronary angiogram (ICA) scans.

Coronary CTA Analysis 


DeepVessel CARS will use AI technology to perform a comprehensive assessment of the coronary arteries based on coronary CTA scans. While performing segmentation, it will automatically label the segmented coronary arteries and code them in different colors, enabling physicians to accurately identify and describe the location of lesions and other diagnostic findings.

Stroke Diagnosis


DeepVessel Stroke will use deep learning technology to detect and diagnose stroke. DeepVessel Stroke is currently indicated for use in the analysis of non-contrast head CT images for the detection of intracranial hemorrhage (ICH). DeepVessel Stroke (currently known as CuraRad-ICH in the U.S.) received the 510(k) clearance from the FDA in April 2020. 

We are seeking to add three additional modules to the software. This may include:

  • DeepVessel ASPECTS: This module will be designed for diagnosing ischemic stroke. Based on non-contrast head CT images, it will segment the images and automatically extract and identify the relevant features in the images.
  • DeepVessel LVO. This module will be designed for diagnosing large vessel occlusion (LVO). It will analyze head CTA images, automatically identify the location of suspicious LVO, and provide blood vessel density grading.
  • DeepVessel CTP: This will be a quantitative analysis module of cerebral blood flow, which will adopt a perfusion cerebral hemodynamics model. It will be able to make a comprehensive and quantitative analysis of the cerebral blood flow based on CT perfusion.

Head & Neck Diagnosis


DeepVessel Cerebright will be an AI-based intracranial and cervical vascular assessment software designed to assist clinicians in the diagnosis of vascular diseases in the head and neck.

Thoracic Diagnosis 


DeepVessel Thorasight will be an AI-based software system used in the diagnosis of lung disease through automatic 3D reconstruction of the lungs based on non-contrast chest CT scans. 

Digital Pathology


DeepVesselPATH will include the following modules:

  • AI analysis of full-field digital slides for Pap staining of cervical fluid-based thin layer cells to achieve large-scale cervix screening.
  • An AI-based slide scanning and analysis software system. composed of an optical microscope scanning imaging device and a scanning control and image processing software.
  • An AI-based digital pathological image processing software that will support browsing, high-speed transmission, and large-capacity storage of digital sections and form digital section databases.

*The descriptions above contain forward-looking statements intended for investors.