Treatment Solutions


Keya Medical is developing a suite of AI-powered treatment solutions that will be designed to address the diversified needs of medical institutions in different medical specialties. The product candidates in our treatment solutions line will be designed for use in surgery and vascular surgery.

Treatment Product Candidates*

Surgical Intervention

vascular surgery

DeepVessel SmartPCI will be an AI-based planning and navigation software designed for cardiovascular intervention procedures.

DeepVessel AngioBot will be an AI-based innovative medical device that will use robotic technologies and advanced sensors to provide physicians with a stable operating platform, allowing for remote control and operations.

DeepVessel ShockPulse will be an AI-based impulse balloon dilatation catheter indicated for vascular calcification.

Surgical Planning

general surgery

DeepVessel HyperPlan will be an AI-based pre-surgical planning system designed to provide best surgical solutions and access navigation to physicians. Based on the automatic analysis of CT images, it will enable accurate segmentation of organs, lesions, and blood vessels. It will also perform a 3D reconstruction and spatial relationship analysis while quantitatively evaluating the spatial parameters of anatomical structures.

*The following descriptions contain forward-looking statements intended for investors.