1. Personality

Our personality establishes the foundation of the Atlassian brand. It is a product of our mission, and a reflection of our culture, values, and promise to customers. We make sure that these traits come through in all of our customer-facing communications and content.

2. Logos

The Keya Medical logo

In everything we do, we aim to bring focus and clarity to teams without distracting; so our logo and symbol are direct, clear, and impactful. To accomplish this, we adhere to the guidelines below.


KM-Horizontal-Full Color



3. Color

Main Color

Signature Blue color

Example of light text
Example of dark text

Signature Divider

Accent Colors

Sky Blue


Gray Blue


Sea Blue




Night Blue




Logo Colors

Light Pink


Dark Pink


Lime Green


Leaf Green


Happy Blue


Sea Blue



Light Gray


Dark Gray



Background Gradients

Blue Gradient

Blue-Purple Gradient

Purple-NightBlue Gradient

Accent Gradients

Pink Gradient

Green Gradient

Blue Gradient

4. Typography

Headings – Titillium Web


Heading 1

Heading 2

Heading 3

Heading 4

Heading 5
Heading 6
Paragraphs Sans Serif – Source Sans Pro
Paragraphs Preformatted – Source code Pro
Paragraphs Sans Serif – Source Sans Pro