DEEPVESSEL FFR Successfully Implemented in Shunde Hospital of Southern Medical University

December 11, 2019

DeepVessel FFR is unveiled at Shunde Hospital by the Keya Medical team.

Keya Medical’s non-invasive CT-FFR product, DEEPVESSEL FFR, was officially implemented in Shunde Hospital of Southern Medical University. The unveiling ceremony was attended by Yunzhao Hu, Director of Shunde Hospital of Southern Medical University and Cardiovascular Medicine Director; Jianhua Lu, Deputy Director of Cardiovascular Medicine; Wensheng Li, Deputy Director of Cardiovascular Medicine; Yuli Huang, Deputy Director of Cardiovascular Medicine; Kunlin Cao, President of Keya Medical Research and Development; and Ying Hou, Academic Director of Keya Medical.

Keya Medical and Shunde Hospital of Southern Medical University will use DEEPVESSEL FFR as an opportunity to continue collaboration to jointly promote the application of AI-assisted diagnostic systems in the medical field.



DEEPVESSEL FFR uses deep learning technology to perform physiological functional assessment of the coronary arteries non-invasively. DEEPVESSEL FFR applies Feature Flow®, a proprietary deep learning technology, and uses non-invasive FFR analysis of coronary computed tomography angiography (CTA) images to quickly assess coronary artery physiological function. 

Unveiling Ceremony

President Yunzhao Hu, director of Shunde Hospital, presents on benefits of DeepVessel FFR.

Before the unveiling ceremony officially began, President Yunzhao Hu shared that the next generation of smart medical technology represented by AI is subverting traditional diagnosis and treatment, and that he believes the establishment of the DEEPVESSEL FFR Artificial Intelligence Diagnostic Center can provide diagnosis and treatment solutions. This is also an important attempt to promote the transformation at Shunde Hospital.


During the meeting, Jianhua Lu, Director of the Department of Cardiology, said that before DEEPVESSEL FFR was officially installed, he was worried about its accuracy. As a result, she would review and correct the measurement results in combination with invasive diagnosis, increasing the workload of clinicians. However, after Keya Medical provided a large number of product application cases and the results of clinical research, DEEPVESSEL FFR was shown to be accurate, efficient, cost-effective, and convenient, which directly increased her product confidence.

Dr. Kunlin Cao of Keya Medical introduces DeepVessel FFR to Shunde Hospital

On behalf of Keya Medical, Dr. Cao, Vice President of Keya Medical Research & Development, thanked the hospital for its trust in Keya Medical’s team, technology, and products. She also introduced DEEPVESSEL FFR, which is a precise diagnosis system for coronary heart disease developed by Keya Medical in conjunction with the nation’s top cardiovascular disease experts and hospitals. Only a patient’s CTA scan data is required to be used for non-invasive and rapid blood flow fractional reserve analysis, realizing the advantages of non-invasive coronary detection.

Dr. Ying Hou of Keya Medical presents on DeepVessel FFR's functionality

Dr. Ying Hou of Keya Medical introduced the various subdivision functions of DEEPVESSEL FFR and related algorithm design in detail through comparison and analysis with similar products at home and abroad, and expounded on AI in the field of cardiovascular disease from the perspective of technology and applications.

At present, DEEPVESSEL FFR has taken the lead in entering the NMPA’s green approval channel, and is expected to obtain the first Class III registration from the NMPA. In addition, DEEPVESSEL FFR obtained EU CE certification in Aug. 2018 and successfully entered the European market.