CT Pneumonia Triage

CT Pneumonia Triage is a software tool used for the detection and prioritization of incidental pneumonia findings associated with COVID-19 from non-contrast chest CT images. 

This product is still in development and has not been reviewed by the FDA. This product is not for sale in the US.


CT Pneumonia Triage uses a deep learning-based algorithm for the detection of pneumonia findings from non-contrast chest CT images. The results, available to the PACS worklist in less than one minute, can be used to notify radiologists that the image includes findings suggestive of pneumonia so that a radiologist can review sooner. Besides general population pneumonia cases, the AI algorithm has also been trained and tested with COVID-19 pneumonia cases. Its high sensitivity (above 90%) indicates it may be used to alert radiologists of suspected pneumonia findings that could be associated with COVID-19. While COVID-19 remains a pandemic, this tool may allow for earlier notification of COVID-19-related findings in otherwise asymptomatic patients.

Clinical Workflow

CT Pneumonia Triage can be seamlessly integrated with worklist applications and PACS/VNA (Vendor Neutral Archives).
CuraRad Pneumonia Triage Workflow

What It Does

The software may be activated via an application programming interface (API) from a worklist application. Using deep learning techniques trained from thousands of annotated CT images, the software analyzes chest CT images and sends the binary prediction results (suspected pneumonia or not) to the worklist. The suspected pneumonia cases may be highlighted by the worklist application to alert radiologists for earlier treatment.
CuraRad Pneumonia Worklist Notification

Collaborate with us

We are recruiting collaboration partners in the US to help bring CT Pneumonia Triage to clinical use. If you are interested in learning more about potential collaboration opportunities, please contact us.