DeepVessel® Cardisight

A coronary CT angiogram analysis software based on deep learning 

Screening & Monitoring | Cardiology
DeepVessel Cardisight

DeepVessel Cardisight will use deep learning technology to perform a comprehensive assessment of the coronary arteries based on coronary CTA scans. While performing segmentation, DeepVessel Cardisight will automatically label the segmented coronary arteries and code them in different colors, enabling clinicians to quickly identify and describe the location of the lesions and other diagnostic findings.

The software would provide a different perspective for viewing, such as 3D volume rendering, maximal intensity projection, curved planar reconstruction, straightened planar reformation, and coronary probe to enable physicians to comprehensively observe 3D vascular structures.

DeepVessel Cardisight-2021CMEF


A variety of analysis modules may be integrated into DeepVessel Cardisight, including:

  • Plaque detection and segmentation
  • Stenosis measurement
  • Myocardial bridge detection
  • Stent detection
  • Dominance determination
  • Origin or course anomaly warning

Regulatory Disclaimer

The description above contain forward-looking statements intended for investors. DeepVessel Cardisight is in development and has not been reviewed by regulatory agencies. This product is not for sale.