DeepVessel® ShockPulse

A deep learning-based impulse balloon dilation catheter designed for vascular surgery 

Treatment | Vascular Surgery

DeepVessel ShockPulse
DeepVessel ShockPulse-2021CMEF

DeepVessel ShockPulse will be a deep learning-based impulse balloon dilation catheter indicated for vascular calcification.

Impulse balloon dilation catheters typically use sound pressure waves to destroy calcium with minimal impact on soft tissues.

Energy is delivered through the balloon catheter and is then transmitted to the wall of the balloon, which is inflated at low pressure, to achieve sufficient diameter to make contact with the vessel wall.

The shock energy reaches the calcified segment of the vascular tissue and breaks the calcified parts.

DeepVessel ShockPulse would use deep learning technology to control the intensity and frequency of the impulse energy, potentially making treatment safer and more precise.

Regulatory Disclaimer

The description above contain forward-looking statements intended for investors. DeepVessel ShockPulse is in development and has not been reviewed by regulatory agencies. This product is not for sale.