DeepVessel® AngioBot

An innovative surgical robot designed for vascular surgery 

Treatment | Vascular Surgery

DeepVessel AngioBot will be an AI-based innovative medical device that will use robotic technologies and advanced sensors to provide physicians with a stable operating platform, allowing for remote control and operations. The device will consist of an operating chamber, robotic arm, interventional surgical instrument operating terminal, and control software. DeepVessel AngioBot will allow physicians to remotely perform angiography, navigate catheters or guide wires to reach lesions, and complete placement of balloons or stents. In addition, the medical device may include a precise motion mechanism and precise force sensing system to eliminate the possible surgical risk caused by hand tremor of clinicians, thus reducing the risk of damaging blood vessels during an operation.


DeepVessel AngioBot may include the following features:

  • Remote operation to help physicians avoid exposure to X-ray radiation without wearing heavy lead protective equipment
  • Precise motion mechanism and precise force sensing system to eliminate surgical risk caused by hand tremor

Regulatory Disclaimer

The descriptions above contain forward-looking statements intended for investors. DeepVessel AngioBot is in development and has not been reviewed by regulatory agencies. This product is not for sale.