DeepVessel® PATH

Pathological analysis software designed to aid in disease diagnosis 

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DeepVessel PATH
DeepVessel PATH will be a pathological slide processing/analysis software designed using deep learning technology to improve the efficiency of pathological diagnosis.


DeepVessel PATH may include the following modules:

DeepVessel PATH Cervix: AI analysis of full-field digital slides for Pap staining of cervical fluid-based thin-layer cells to achieve large-scale cervix screening

DeepVessel PATH Imager: An AI-based slide scanning and analysis software system composed of an optical microscope scanning imaging device and a scanning control and image processing software

DeepVessel PATH Analyse: An AI-based digital pathological image processing software that will support browsing, high-speed transmission, and large-capacity storage of digital sections and form digital section databases


Regulatory Disclaimer

The description above contain forward-looking statements intended for investors. DeepVessel PATH is in development and has not been reviewed by regulatory agencies. This product is not for sale.