Keya Medical Attends 10th Summit on Scientific and Technological Innovation in Major Disease Control

December 21, 2019

Keya Medical attends the 10th Summit on Scientific and Technological Innovation in Major Disease Control

The 10th Summit on Scientific and Technological Innovation in Major Disease Control sponsored by the Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission, took place on Dec. 21, 2019 at the National Convention Center.

Keya Medical was invited to attend the forum as the earliest company that entered the research and development of AI technology for the diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular diseases. Dr. Kunlin Cao, Vice President of Keya Medical Research & Development, delivered a speech on The Status Quo and Future Layout of Medical Artificial Intelligence Industry during the Integrated Development of Artificial Intelligence and Medical Health sub-forum.

Dr. Cao said that the development of AI in the medical field began flourishing a few years ago, and all enterprises were actively conducting clinical collaborations with hospitals to develop diversified medical AI products. Now that the initial exploration phase of the industry has passed, companies have gradually entered the development phase of intensive cultivation in subdivided fields.

Most medical AI products currently focus on assisted screening and diagnosis based on medical images. In the future, the clinical application of AI will rapidly expand from the medical technology department to each clinical department. It will intelligently integrate and analyze multi-omics information including medical records, imaging, pathology, biochemistry, immunity, and molecular diagnostics to serve in early screening, diagnosis, treatment, and other clinical application scenarios.

In 2020, Keya Medical will focus on precision diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular diseases, creating DEEPVESSEL products.  Keya Medical will actively work to improve the product chain, and collaborate with more than 200 large domestic hospitals to build DEEPVESSEL FFR Artificial Intelligence Diagnostic Center. At the same time, Keya Medical will actively work to accelerate the further clinical application and market entry of DEEPVESSEL FFR products.

DEEPVESSEL FFR applies Feature Flow, a proprietary deep learning technology built on the latest advances from the computer vision industry as optimized by our scientific team for medical image analysis. Based on the intelligent post-processing and diagnosis results of coronary CTA images, it can help patients with suspected coronary artery disease to avoid unnecessary coronary angiography and invasive treatment. DEEPVESSEL FFR is an innovative product with significant benefits that can reduce surgical pain, risks, and medical expenses for the patient.

DEEPVESSEL FFR is also the first Class III AI software medical device in China that has received regulatory approval from the NMPA. It has established a Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) quality system for medical devices and has been successfully certified. In addition, DEEPVESSEL FFR also successfully obtained the European Union CE certification in Aug. 2018. 

Dr. Cao believes that the focus in 2020 will shift to market promotion after the product obtains regulatory approval. In China, enterprises need to obtain medical service charge approval documents, which cannot be separated from the support of price management departments, health commissions, hospitals, and related departments. Multi-party promotion can help innovative products successfully launch in the Chinese market and create a commercial closed loop for the medical AI industry.

Keya Medical will also invest in research and development for medical image and report analysis, genetic testing, immunotherapy, and other products supporting the disease control process.

Times are changing and technology is continuing to evolve. Just like the X-ray technology that appeared 120 years ago, there is still a long way to go to realize the potential of the medical AI industry. Keya Medical will continue to be active at the forefront of the industry, promote the application of AI in the field of cardiology, and empower further development in the industry.