This blog is a journey through the latest frontiers in cardiac care, centering on Keya Medical’s research and peer-reviewed publications. Our focus is on the advancements enabled by AI-based CT-FFR analysis, with a spotlight on Keya Medical’s DEEPVESSEL FFR. Our innovative AI-based CT FFR technology, backed by FDA clearance, CE mark, and NMPA approval, has ignited considerable interest among physicians, payors, medical software buyers, and distributors alike.

Validation of Clinical Performance:

The cornerstone of DEEPVESSEL FFR’s credibility lies in the ADAPT Study (Assessment of the Diagnostic Performance of DeepVessel FFR in Suspected Coronary Artery Disease). Published in 2021, this study served as the foundation for FDA clearance, solidifying DEEPVESSEL FFR as the second augmentative software for non-invasive FFR analysis in the USA, following HeartFlow® FFRct Analysis.
The ADAPT Study: Assessment of the DiAgnostic Performance of DeepVessel FFR in SuspecTed Coronary Artery Disease (ADAPT)

Patient Management Enhancement:

DEEPVESSEL FFR improves patient management strategies for stable CAD by:

CT FFR and Plaque Analysis:

Integrating CT FFR analysis with plaque features enables:

Innovations in Diagnostics:

Effect of Advanced CT Technology:

Integrating 320-row CT reconstruction technology enhances the stability and performance of AI-based CT-FFR analysis, paving the way for more accurate diagnostic assessments.

The adoption of AI-based CT FFR analysis signifies a paradigm shift in CAD diagnosis and patient management. With validation through studies like the ADAPT Study and an extensive body of research exploring its clinical applications, DEEPVESSEL FFR emerges as a pivotal tool in the armamentarium of modern cardiac care. As stakeholders in the healthcare ecosystem, leveraging these advancements promises not only enhanced patient outcomes but also optimized resource allocation and cost-effectiveness. Through continued research and adoption, AI-based CT FFR analysis is redefining the landscape of cardiovascular medicine, empowering clinicians in their pursuit of precision and efficacy.

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