Dr. Xiaoxiao Liu of CuraCloud presented at the RSNA AI Theater on lessons learned from collaborative AI development.

As a member of NVIDIA’s Inception program, CuraCloud has had early access to NVIDIA’s AI development tools, including NVIDIA Clara, the NVIDIA EGX Intelligent Edge Computing Platform, and NVIDIA AGX for embedded systems. CuraCloud provides professional AI Research and Development services to medical technology manufacturers, biopharma companies, and healthcare delivery organizations. By teaming with NVIDIA, CuraCloud can now support a broader range of AI deployment alternatives. By having NVIDIA GPUs easily available, advanced deep learning models can be located closer to the data, speeding turnaround time and improving performance.

Having on-premise services can be more cost-effective than cloud computing. Healthcare IT directors often prefer to have AI servers behind their own firewalls. The technology needed to manage a growing population of edge servers and other connected devices is still evolving. The combined power of AI and edge computing can retain critical processing tasks on devices at the point of care, enabling healthcare professionals to gather relevant data and receive real-time analytics that informs physicians and specialists to make care judgments and emergency responses.

CuraCloud AI R&D Services and NVIDIA Clara

Delivering AI at the edge minimizes data privacy concerns and enables real-time AI for clinical decisions. CuraCloud and NVIDIA are bringing AI to the edge of medical imaging, the most important healthcare tool in early detection, with NVIDIA Clara and the NVIDIA EGX Intelligent Edge Computing Platform.
NVIDIA Clara is a healthcare domain-specific set of SDKs, libraries, tools and reference applications for AI-assisted annotation, federated learning, and real-time image and video analysis that runs on the NVIDIA EGX platform for AI computing on edge servers and embedded devices.
The NVIDIA EGX platform is a cloud-native, edge-first software stack for server and embedded, Arm-based deployments like NVIDIA Clara AGX. By taking advantage of containerized apps and algorithms on NGC, which is optimized on EGX systems, customers can bring AI solutions at an unprecedented scale.
Embedded AI is especially relevant for hardware device manufacturers. Powered by the NVIDIA Xavier system on a chip (SoC), Clara AGX is a modular developer kit that enables the design of 10 to 300 watt medical devices. The NVIDIA Clara AGX SDK enables GPU-accelerated image and signal processing, AI inference and 3D visualization. The SDK has reference applications for streaming endoscopy video inference and software beamforming for ultrasound. That means less work for customers and the comfort of having an ecosystem supported by NVIDIA and other software developers.

This resource was first published prior to the 2020 rebranding of CuraCloud to Keya Medical. The content reflects our legacy brand.