SEATTLE, Wash., May 28, 2020 — CuraCloud Corporation announced today that the U.S. Food & Drug Administration has allowed the clinical use of its new deep learning-based algorithm for the detection and prioritization of incidental pneumonia findings associated with COVID-19 from non-contrast chest CT images.

CuraCloud’s recently cleared and its first AI solution, CuraRad-ICH, analyzes non-contrast head CT images for the detection and prioritization of intracranial hemorrhage patients. Consistent with current FDA policy, CuraCloud is enhancing this CT triage platform to process chest CT exams. The results, available to the PACS worklist in less than a minute, can be used to notify the radiology worklist that the image includes findings suggestive of pneumonia associated with COVID-19 so that a radiologist can review sooner and make a definitive report.
“As the first wave subsides and COVID-19 cases become less routine, it will be helpful to have AI algorithms running in the background to alert radiologists of incidental pneumonia finding that may be associated with COVID-19 from chest CT scans. This may also allow for earlier notification of COVID-19-related findings in otherwise asymptomatic patients, for example, on routinely scheduled CT scans for other indications,” said Dr. Rachel Gerson, Diagnostic Radiologist and Medical Advisor to CuraCloud.
This enhancement of CuraRad’s triage functionality is designed to improve clinical workflow through efficient integration with PACS and enterprise worklist applications. CuraCloud seeks collaborations with innovative healthcare delivery systems for further development of its triage portfolio.

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This resource was first published prior to the 2020 rebranding of CuraCloud to Keya Medical. The content reflects our legacy brand.