SEATTLE, Wash. – Sept. 14, 2020 — CuraCloud Corporation today announced that the CuraRad®-ICH software solution is now available on the Nuance® AI Marketplace, the first and largest workflow-integrated market with one-stop access to a wide range of AI diagnostic models from within the industry’s most widely used radiology reporting platform.

Cleared by the FDA in April 2020, CuraRad-ICH is powered by a deep learning model trained on thousands of CT scans including training data from over 500 imaging facilities in the USA. CuraRad-ICH utilizes deep learning algorithms to analyze non-contrast head CT images for the detection and prioritization of intracranial hemorrhage. CuraRad-ICH processes the digital output from CT scans soon after acquisition so that images in which this condition is found can be appropriately prioritized by the radiology worklist systems within hospitals and diagnostic radiology practices. Worklist prioritization can help speed the reading of urgent findings by radiologists so that appropriate care decisions can be made.
The Nuance AI Marketplace functions like an app store dedicated to radiology. It gives AI model developers consolidated, at-scale access to users of Nuance PowerScribe™, the radiology reporting system trusted by approximately three out of four U.S. radiologists across more than 7,500+ connected healthcare facilities. Radiologists can discover, test, and use AI models from within their familiar PowerScribe reporting and workflow orchestration solutions as well as third party worklists to increase reporting efficiency and quality, and to help care teams improve patient outcomes and healthcare costs. Hospital systems benefit with simplified purchasing and metrics showing algorithm usage, costs, and performance.
“The clinical performance of CuraRad-ICH was validated on an image dataset sampled from 296 imaging facilities across 48 states in the US,” said Dr. Xiaoxiao Liu, Director of Products and Services of CuraCloud. “We are confident in the generalizability of this AI model to the diverse US patient population and imaging scanner varieties.”
This resource was first published prior to the 2020 rebranding of CuraCloud to Keya Medical. The content reflects our legacy brand.