Keya Medical’s non-invasive coronary evaluation software, DEEPVESSEL FFR, was successfully installed at China Civil Aviation General Hospital on Dec. 2, 2019. The unveiling ceremony was attended by medical staff in the Cardiology Department at Aviation General Hospital as well as members of the Keya Medical team.

Event attendees included Hanhua Ji, Deputy Director of China Civil Aviation General Hospital; Xin Jian, Deputy Director of Cardiology; Lixin Yao, General Manager of Keya Medical Sales; Danyang Sun, Keya Medical Account Director; and Yongzheng Cui, Keya Medical Director of Implementation.

Figure 1. Vice President of Civil Aviation General Hospital, Hanhua Ji.

Dr. Hanhua Ji began the event by welcoming the Keya Medical Team and recognizing DEEPVESSEL FFR. He pointed out in his introduction to DEEPVESSEL FFR that the product is able to effectively exclude patients who cannot benefit from interventional procedures, and to prevent these patients from undergoing unnecessary examination and treatment.

DEEPVESSEL FFR is a non-invasive test with an accuracy of 90% compared with invasive FFR. In addition to guaranteeing quality control, there has also been a significant improvement in efficiency as the result of implementing DEEPVESSEL FFR. After completing the 3D coronary artery reconstruction, DEEPVESSEL FFR can calculate FFR within minutes, effectively helping doctors to improve the efficiency of diagnosis.

Figure 2. Keya Medical Sales General Manager, Lixin Yao.

Lixin Yao, General Manager of Sales at Keya Medical, thanked the staff at Civil Aviation General Hospital for their support and recognition before giving an introduction to the company.

During the meeting, Mr. Yao made it clear that medical care must be human-centered and data-driven. In the future, Keya Medical will continue to take a human-centered approach to product development in order to solve current pain points for both doctors and patients.

Figure 3. Keya Medical Implementation Director, Yongzheng Cui.

Yongzheng Cui, Director of Keya Medical’s Implementation Department, introduced the various functions of DEEPVESSEL FFR. He introduced that DEEPVESSEL FFR is based on Hemodynamics FeatureFlow deep learning technology. Through 3D coronary artery reconstruction, algorithm simulation and other technologies, DEEPVESSEL FFR can efficiently and accurately calculate the FFR value of each point on the entire vascular tree path. This provides the subjects with dual information of coronary anatomy and functional science, and build this artificial intelligence medical decision-making system to achieve a beautiful vision of developing personalized diagnosis and treatment plans for patients.

Currently, DEEPVESSEL FFR has completed multi-center prospective registration clinical trials, and has passed the special approval of innovative medical devices of the National Medical Products Administration, and successfully obtained CE certification.