On July 9, 2020, DEEPVESSEL FFR was officially implemented in Luohe Sixth People’s Hospital. The event was attended by the Keya Medical team as well as staff in the Department of Cardiology and Radiology.

Before the unveiling ceremony began, Juncai Li, Secretary of the Party Committee of Luohe Sixth People’s Hospital, welcomed the Keya Medical team and expressed his thanks for the successful completion of the project. Sun Danyang, Sales Director of Keya Medical, in turn expressed her gratitude to the Sixth People’s Hospital of Luohe City for their support of Keya Medical’s team and products.

Danyang then presented on the rapid development of technologies that use artificial intelligence to more effectively diagnose and treat cardiovascular disease. She described how DEEPVESSEL FFR can improve the efficiency of coronary artery disease diagnosis and treatment while assisting doctors in quickly and accurately extracting valuable information that can inform more personalized treatment decisions.

The Luohe Sixth People’s Hospital located in southern Henan specializes in diagnosing and treating patients with cardiovascular disease. Keya Medical hopes this collaboration to build a diagnostic center will give both parties an opportunity to improve healthcare by making AI-powered solutions accessible to the public.

After the opening ceremony, Danyang described Keya Medical’s products and future development plans to the audience. Danyang pointed out that, as the first company in China to receive regulatory approval of a Class III medical device, Keya Medical is driven to develop products that meet real clinical needs. Moving forward, Keya Medical will continue to develop solutions that allow healthcare providers to better prevent and treat cardiovascular disease.

Currently, Keya Medical has established more than 200 collaborations with health systems around the world, including Beijing Anzhen Hospital and Guangdong Provincial People’s Hospital. In the future, Keya Medical will carry out more collaborations with medical institutions to bring DEEPVESSEL FFR to more patients. We welcome collaboration partners interested in learning how DEEPVESSEL FFR can benefit your practice to contact us.