In the dynamic landscape of medical innovation, SCCT 2023 served as an exceptional platform for exchanging cutting-edge insights and breakthroughs in cardiovascular technology. We want to share SCCT 23 CT-technological advancements, AI integration breakthroughs, and the outcomes of our collaborative initiatives.
The conference gave Keya Medical the opportunity to showcase its advanced AI CT FFR solution. A pivotal aspect was Keya Medical’s collaborative partnership with Precision Image Analysis (PIA) and Corazon Imaging. Attendees at Booth 309 experienced firsthand how these collaborations are reshaping cardiac care by combining advanced AI algorithms and accessible cloud technology and integrating CT FFR into mobile radiology services.

  1. PIA adds Keya Medical’s AI FFR CT solution to their 3D post-processing platform, marked by accuracy, speed, and cost-effectiveness. This deep learning-based solution accurately computes Fractional Flow Reserve (FFR) values from CT scans, aiding in diagnosing coronary artery disease without invasive procedures. What sets it apart is PIA’s cloud-based, on-demand post-processing service. This eliminated the need for expensive software investments, offering medical professionals a convenient and efficient tool for enhancing cardiac programs.
  2. Keya Medical collaborates with Corazon Imaging, a pioneering mobile healthcare company. Corazon Imaging introduces an innovative diagnostic route for heart disease using cutting-edge and non-invasive outpatient technology. Spearheading our testing program is Dr. John Rumberger, a globally renowned cardiologist and prominent expert in Coronary CT Angiography (CCTA).

Highlights from SCCT 2023

1. Advancements in Imaging Technology

The SCCT 2023 conference showcased significant advancements in cardiac CT imaging technology. These innovations have led to improved image quality, faster scanning times, and enhanced diagnostic accuracy. Attendees were introduced to cutting-edge CT equipment and techniques that contribute to better visualization of cardiac structures.

  • The NAEOTOM AlphaⓇ featuring Quantum Technology presented by Siemens Healthineers has achieved a significant milestone by being recognized as the world’s first photon-counting CT system. This groundbreaking achievement signifies a major advancement in medical imaging technology, specifically regarding previously challenging soft plaques within heavily calcified vessels and stents.
  • Revolution Apex Platform introduced by GE Healthcare is poised to make a significant impact in medical imaging with its cutting-edge features and capabilities. The Revolution Apex Platform represents the culmination of advanced engineering and technology, aiming to deliver enhanced image quality, diagnostic accuracy, and patient care. With its innovative design and functionalities, it addressed the evolving needs of healthcare professionals and contributed to better patient outcomes.
  • CardioGraphe System: The CardioGraphe system signifies a step forward in cardiac imaging technology. This system is designed to provide high-quality cardiac CT scans, offering clinicians valuable insights into cardiovascular health. By combining state-of-the-art imaging capabilities with user-friendly interfaces, the CardioGraphe system is expected to improve the accuracy and efficiency of diagnosing cardiac conditions.

2. Artificial Intelligence (AI) Integration

AI’s role in cardiac CT was one of the focuses of the conference. Presentations and discussions highlighted the integration of AI algorithms into cardiac CT workflows to aid in image analysis, disease detection, and risk assessment. The synergy between AI and cardiac CT promises to enhance clinical decision-making and streamline radiology interpretation processes. The SCCT expo floor featured an impressive display of technological innovation, with a notable presence of at least 13 vendors showcasing FDA-cleared or -pending AI products.

The first recipient of the Clinical Trials and Registries Award

The Society of Cardiovascular Computed Tomography (SCCT) and Cleerly have jointly recognized and honored Dr. Daniel Jones, MD, Ph.D., as the first recipient of the prestigious 2023 SCCT Clinical Trials and Registries Award (CTRA). Dr. Daniel Jones’s winning submission, titled “The Effect of Computed Tomography Cardiac Angiography Bypass Graft Assessment on coronary angiographic parameters and Outcomes: A Sub-study of the BYPASS-CTCA Study” offers insights into the benefits of employing a CCTA-guided ultra-selective strategy during coronary angiography for patients with a history of cardiac surgery. This study, part of the larger BYPASS-CTCA Study, has significant implications for procedural outcomes and patient well-being.

New Data on Diagnosing and Managing Coronary Artery Disease

During their poster sessions, HeartFlow showcased findings from recent promising research studies that underscored the AI’s capability to improve treatment choices, offer more accurate patient risk evaluations, and accelerate the analysis of medical images: The REVEALPLAQUE Study, In the DECODE Study, The SMART-CT Study, Comparison of AI-based CCTA Interpretation and QCA for Coronary Stenosis Evaluation.

3. The Best Abstract Award at SCCT 2023 Presented to Novel Research on AI-CCTA Evaluations

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